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Affordable Repairs for all Makes and Most Models- Why Pay More?  

For 28 years, Aj’s Copier, Printer, & Fax has been providing five counties with affordable alternatives to leasing expensive office equipment. We are an independently owned and operated company that repairs all makes and most models of office equipment. Our rates range from $49-$89.

Don't get frustrated with a broken COPIER; Visit AJ's Copier, PRinter, & fax today!

Refurbished Machine VS New Machine


Average cost can start at $1200

Affordable enough to purchase without a lease

Immediate Ownership

No per copy charge

Work with a small local company who cares

New Machine

Average cost can start at $6000

High cost may require you to lease

Years of leasing payments and you may not own equipment after

Hidden copy charge

Required to work with a large and impersonal company